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What is a Perlmodel?

It is a railway construction kit for meticulously detailed models. Parts for a well-detailed chassis and interior fittings are included, as well as complete assembly instructions.
   The construction kits are entirely complete if not noted otherwisE The parts are produced in brass, both etched and cast. To facilitate assembly certain parts, such as vehicle roofs, are pre-formed. Grade of difficulty varies considerably, but to actually grade each model is impossiblE Generally one can say that models with fewer parts are easier to build. Detailed assembly instructions are included in a language according to the origin of each model, but experience of soldering, and a certain knack with ones hands, do make things considerably easier. The instructions also contain suggestions for extra detailing, for painting, and on alternative variations which can exist.
   For the wagons and coaches, couplings are included to enable one to equip the model with suitable couplings as per NEM-362. All vehicles have wheels with the English ’fine scale’ profile, i.E approx RP25-profilE Having a somewhat thinner rim, these require good track-work. To improve running quality the models have 3-point axel holders. It is however quite possible to exchange the axels with other more usual types with standard profiles found on the market.


The PERL range of products is to be found in leading hobby shops, but can also be ordered direct from Per E Lindgren, Perlmodell, if your dealer cannot help you.
Delivery against pro-forma invoice, dispatched upon recivement of payment. Select the button "Invoice" and the order will be sent by e-mail to Perlmodell. This order could be paid to our PostGiro or Bank account. Please, note that Euro-cheques or other cheques are no longer accepted by Swedish banks.
We regret that payment by credit cards is no longer possible. Payment will only be possible directly to our bank account, using Internet, a bank or post office (free of charge within the European Union). Instructions for this will be included in the invoice. We regret that we can not accept cheques.
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